Sunday, March 22, 2009

(Task 3) The Search Engines

For the third posting, we were required to browse through these four search engines which are, Google Scholar,, and We have to classified them between similarities and the differences. Frankly, before this I just know only two search engines which are Google and Yahoo and I considered that Google and Yahoo was the only search engines in the world. But, I've been told from our tutor Assoc.Prof.Datin.Dr.Norizan binti Abdul Razak that there are many search engines instead of Google and Yahoo. So now, we only need to discuss four of them.

For the first one is is a meta search engine with wide range searching for all webs that we search. It is suit enough with the tagline, The Mother Of All Search Engines.
Using was like using ten search engines at the same time. The results that we got is form several other search engines. But, we need to give specific name of something that we searching as the result will be too many for us to find the exact one if we do not give the specific name.

Second, Google Scholar. I've already know but I never know about this Google Scholr. One thing that comes in my mind when I heard the name, I thought this search engines just for students. But, it is also useful to the teaching team such as teachers, lecturers and so on because we can simply find scholarly articles, books, literatures and etc by using this search engines.

The third one is This is the very famous search engine among others because we already get use to it. When I was a child, I only this one type of search engine and I was thinking that this search engine is the same like windows in our computer as it the software that we need to have if we want to surf the internet. It sounds silly right but that was my thinking when I was first expose to the computer and internet. hehehehe...Just like other search engine, it provide us link to the web that related to what we have type on the search box. I like to use and I'm stiil using until now because it will remind to the first time I using the internet.

The last but not least, This type of search engine is little bit different from the others above. This search engine provides access more on for educational purposes. In other hands, we can call this type of search engine as online library because we can search for the full text scholarly books, journals and so on by using it. But, if I given a choice, I prefer to use the other search engines from the above because the interface is not interesting for me.


norizan said...

Hope the serch engines will be useful for your surfing needs. Keep on writing and this will improve your writing eventually

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