Thursday, April 9, 2009

Task 6 (Blog Questionnaire)

This is the last task for our Skbp1023, I'm so glad that I've finished all the tasks given. But this doesn't mean that this will be the last posting from me. I will continue blogging as this is will be my new hobby. Now, let's continue to the questionnaire.

1. Do you enjoy blogging?
Yes or No?
IF YES OR NO please explains why:
Yes I'm really enjoy blogging. Blogging give me a space where I can write without feel doubt that I make mistakes as when I talk with someone. Blogging also enjoyable because it gives me freedom to show my creativity creating the blog.

2. Based on your experience what is the benefit of blogging?
As I said before, blogging gives me the freedom to me show my creativity but now I would like to say that blogging also gives me freedom to write and voice out my opinion. Based on my experience blogging could enhance my writing skill as well as increase my vocabularies. Therefore I can write unlimited topics that interest me. Blogging can gives us money if we know the way to make it. So many advantages of blogging right?

3. Do you need more assistance to set up your blog?
Yes or No?
I think for now, I don't anymore assistance to set up the blog compare to before this. Credited to all my of friends that helps me on blogging.

4. Do you have any memorable/favorite topic in your blog?
Yes or No?
If YES Please list which topic?
Yes, and it is of course the memorable moment at the conference at the PNB Darby Park. I think all of the member of group 1 will choose this topic as their favorite topic. Until now, I still can't forget the food serves for us there. I wonder is there another chance like that for me in the future.

5 .List 5 advantages of blogging for you

  • enhances writing skill
  • increases vocabularies
  • shares thought
  • makes friends
  • makes money
  • gain experiences
  • give us our own bibliography
6. List 5 disadvantages of blogging
  • takes too much time to spend on blog
  • blogging is not accessible without internet
  • create provocation
7. Will you continue blogging after the course?
Yes or No?
If Yes or No please explain why:
Yes, I will continue blogging as it was enjoyable, to improve my writing skill, to gain my self esteem, and to be more confident in writing.

8. Do you think that blogging improve your writing? Yes or n?
Yes, absolutely

9. Do you think that we should continue with blogging activity for the next batch of students? Yes or no?
Yes, it is not fair for the next batch if they don't this kind of enjoyable moment of blogging.

10. Will you recommend your friend to blog? Yes or no?
Yes, of course I will do so and I did recommended it to some of my friends.

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Task 5 (Concordance)

Hello all, I'm back with this posting on concordance. Frankly speaking, this is my first time I heard about this. For this time, I think it is hard for me to pronounce the word. It make my twisted to pronounce it.hehehehe.. But now, I manage to pronounce the word in a right way. From my understanding, concordance is a list of words in a piece of text or a collection of texts (usually referred to as a corpus). Corpus is collection of written words.

So now, the question is what is concordance used for?
1) Study of texts in linguists

  • comparing different usages of the same word
  • analyzing keywords
  • analyzing word frequencies
  • creating indexes and word lists
  • count word frequencies
  • find phrases and idioms
  • publish to the web
2) In other fields such as content analysis in media studies, history and etc.

There are softwares which called concordancer(in general). Below is the one of the example of the software's interface.

Here I also provide links of article that I've read about concordance.

From the two articles I would like to make summary on that. I found out that when language learners use concordancer, they can discover rules of usage and grammar for themselves. They learn that language is complex and that rules are seldom true. Despite of learning the language is complex, they also learn to rely on their own judgment rather than the teacher. One more thing, concordancing is also benefit to the learners in training them to pay attention to the patterns of usage in their everyday reading.

That' all for this posting.

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